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For Buyers

Business Valuation under Buyer`s Perspective


The buyer of a business can know how much to invest by requesting an appraisal. The amount can be determined by any of the valuation methods we have indicated, but also taking into account the alternative income provided by the funds that will affect the acquisition of your new business. For the buyer, in addition

For Sellers

Business Valuation under Seller`s Perspective


The seller of a business, or part of it, usually aims to ensure the best selling price. Valuation techniques should be selected according to the needs of fund-raising by the sellers or their relative position in the company after the entering of new investors. In addition to getting a fair value for his business, the

For Industry

Business Valuation Methods


Five methods are mainly used in business and companies valuation: Asset valuation – asset based approach – which consists in determining the value of equity, as a result of adjustments in the assets and liabilities of a company according to the criteria defined for its valuation (accounting, market, settlement, etc.). Market assessment – market approach

How to Value a Website or Internet Business


In our opinion the best method to value a website or internet business is the comparable transactions method taking in consideration the Precedent Transactions of the digital business. With the comparable transactions method, we will look for comparable metrics, usually multiples of earnings or revenue. It is important to identify the key valuation parameter for

Innovation and Competitiveness


Nowadays business models must be global. This is what led us to be present in another FAE (Forum dos Administradores e Gestores de Empresas) initiative which has discussed the issue of competitiveness and innovation in companies. Business innovation is in the process, in technology in design. But above all it is in Equity: it is

How to Valuate a Company or Business


Companies and business valuation is the process of determining the transaction value (or trading range) of a particular business entity or economic unit. It differs from real estate appraisals and methods that are used to determine property values. Business valuation is a more extensive process. However, it can integrate the results of real estate appraisals